Political Ramifications

A weapon for Good and Evil

To anti censorship platforms to a great citizen id monitoring systems, the uses are interesting

Everpedia the censor proof encyclopedia

The problem with Wikipedia from a moral standpoint is, that they wish to democratize information and let the masses use as they please. However, authoritarian regimes either block wikipedia access like China or another country like Turkey block only sections. The reason why they can do this is because Wikipedia must be the owner of it data, store it in a central database and comply with local governements or not do business. Everpedia meanwhile plans to crawl Wikipedia for articles which is allowed under their creative common license and users generate own unique articles as well. Since Everpedia stores its info on a blockchain as it expands government can't request Everpedia to censor because they do not have direct control over their information like that thus, they can physically not comply.

The perfect ID system

Blockchains are great and storing accurate information. A democratic society such as Estonia a small nation has used the blockchain for voting, holding ID cards, and other government needs. Estonia is one of the most organized bureaucracy. People can do their taxes in less than 15 minutes, government is efficient WHAT COULD GO WRONG ?

The Dangers?


Big Brother Can Find You and Make it Efficient ! - Simply put a authortarian regime can store all citizens files like they try to now. Make hard to delete or damage and keep a record of all the unwilling citizens.