Blockchain Functionality

What can it do ?

Brimming with potential but lack of real world implementation yet . . .

Oh the places it can go are quite numerous. The problem is they are all under development. Fidelity acquired a patent for cryptocurrency conversion. Walmart is researching it for logistic purposes. Many start ups claim big things with their whitepapers

Whitepapers - Whitepapers are a developers proposal to the community of what his product goals are for his blockchain based startup.

What Does This Mean For The Future Use of Blockchain?

It means uses beyond current day cryptocurrency transactions and experimenting are on the horizon . But many failures will come partially due to the constant combination of pairing blockchain with crypto. This is due to a flood of things called ICO's or intial coin offerings.

Intial Coin Offering - A ICO is very similar to a IPO in the stock world or whats called a intial public offering. Many blockchain based business also happen to to issue cryptocurrency. They hold a intial offering to which the value will not fluctate because the coin is new and not on exchanges yet. Many of these blockchain startups talk a good game however, currently hardly anything in market thats a product can be called a mainstream success yet.

Successful examples include:

  • Brave Browser - A web browser with a innovative advertising model
  • Crypto Kitties- A game that runs on ethereum blockchain